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Online &
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Our language courses are intensive and aim to provide each individual student with maximum learning experience within a short period of time.

We aim to help them develop their ability to listen, speak, read and write with the correct command of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

A Different Approach to Learning

Through interactive learning activities such as, discussions and role-play, students will be guided, in a fun way, to develop a comprehensive communication skill and enhancement cognitive abilities.

Customized ​Learning

French courses are carefully and individually structured around each student. Your lessons are personalised and tailored just for you. My aim is to ensure that you can soon become fluent and comfortable with day to day French.

A-Level Prep

Experienced with the French GCSE curriculum, I help learners gain new skills, academic aptitudes, and build the confidence needed to achieve academic success and help advance their future careers. 

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Meet the Team

French tutor


Founder of GoFrench.  

Margot grew up and studied in France. After completing her bachelor's degree in 2019, she started working as a freelance tutor. 


She has tutored over 100 students. She specialises in tutoring the French language and in helping UK students with GCSE and A-Level exam preparation. Our clients are based in England, France, and the USA; ranging from as young as 4 to adult learners. 



Hailing from France, Sylvie relocated to the UK in 1992. With a focus on service and a track record of success in corporate and leisure industries, she pivoted her career towards making a positive impact on young people, especially after the London and Croydon riots. Sylvie's dedication led her to collaborate with various organizations, working with disadvantaged youth and those with learning disabilities. This journey ultimately led her to teaching French in schools and providing personalized tutoring for the past 8 years, leaving a lasting impression on her students' language journeys



Margot puts the student immediately at ease with her warm and kind personality. Always understanding, she helps the student make progress in all aspects of their French.

Gabriel Elias, 47

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