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French for intermediate 2 : A Handy List of French Connective Words You Need to Know

Are you having trouble piecing together sentences in French? If so, you're not alone! French vocabulary can be difficult to master, especially when it comes to connective words. These words, also known as linking words, are essential for forming cohesive sentences. This blog post provides a handy list of commonly-used French connective words so you can learn how to say it right!

Connective words, also known as linking words, play a significant role in creating smooth and coherent sentences. They serve as bridges between ideas, allowing for a logical flow in your writing or conversation. Understanding these words will help you construct well-structured sentences and convey your thoughts more effectively.

Commonly Used French Connective Words and Their Meanings

To truly master French connective words, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with their meanings and usage. Here are some commonly used connective words in French and their meanings:

1. Et - and

2. Mais - but

3. Donc - so/therefore

4. Ou - or

5. Car - because

6. Bref - anyway

7. Ensuite - then

8. Cependant - however

9. Puis - then

10. Parce que - because

Using French connective words in a sentence can enhance the clarity and coherence of your writing or conversation. To use them effectively, it's important to understand their role in connecting ideas. Let's look at some examples of French sentences using these words :

  1. Je suis fatigué, mais je dois terminer mon travail. (I am tired, but I have to finish my work.)

  2. J'aime lire, donc je vais à la bibliothèque tous les jours. (I love to read, so I go to the library every day.)

  3. Tu veux du thé ou du café? (Do you want tea or coffee?)

Practice Exercises to Perfect Your French Connective Words Usage

Below are 2 exercises to help you become more comfortable and fluent in using connective words in your French communication:

  1. Take a French text and underline all the connective words you can find. Then, rewrite the text, replacing the connective words with synonyms to create a new version of the text.

  2. Create flashcards with different connective words and their meanings. Quiz yourself regularly to reinforce your knowledge and understanding.

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